The Pre-War years

Marilyn (left) with her childhood friends in 1937.

Post War wedding

A wedding photo from Marilyn’s first marriage in 1947.

Pioneering Business woman

Marilyn in the 60′s with some Artistes from her successful Model Agency, Jaclyn .

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Looking after the pennies

Sheila was just wrapping the jam roly-poly in it’s pudding-cloth, ready to boil, when she heard a knock on the kitchen door. She thought the visitor might be young Patricia, who, having been brought up with three older brothers, was delighted to have a sister-in-law to talk to. Sheila opened the door.  The man fr0m [...]

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Going Home Time

The ‘Infants’ porch was the usual flurry of activity as the school day ended. Molly was struggling to fasten the top button of Betty’s coat, while the excited child jiggled about telling her sister of the important contribution she had made to the ‘Snowy Day’ picture. Freda was collecting little brother Gordon, and little Daisy, [...]

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The Maiden Lady

Miss Hathwaite pulled the heavy church door shut, and latched it carefully. She had been looking through the hymns she would need to play on Sunday.   As she stood in the church porch, adjusting her brown felt hat, and pulling on her lined leather gloves, she heard approaching footsteps. “Hello,” she called out “Who’s [...]

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